Our Gundog Progressive Training Programme means you will be able to progress through the levels, starting on the course most suited for you and your dog. There is no requirement to complete the lower levels in training, so long as you are ready for the next level. Not only can you work through the different levels on offer, you can select the training certificates according to the role you are looking to take on in the shooting field.  We have many different areas to train in and will use the barn, novice area, intermediate, woodlands, water and the rabbit pen throughout the courses

We have devised this programme to address gaps and issues that have come to light in some of the other training schemes available in the UK. Particularly when dealing with gundogs.

Any breed can take part in the training if it has the aptitude for this type of work. Crossbreeds are not excluded.  Your dog does not need to be Kennel Club registered or registered to any other organisation.

Even if you have no intention of ever working your dog, you can still take part in the training and take the tests as you progress through the scheme. You can still take part in the course by attending the course best suited to your partnership with your dog.

Successful clients will receive a Certificate on completion of  the course or by taking a direct assessment test.

If you live further away we have many of our courses and workshops online:


Then you can take your test and video it and send it to us for assessment.  We can help you along the way with training by our remote training service if needed too.  Please contact us for more information.

The Training Programme Levels:

  1. Puppy Basics
  2. Gundog Beginner
  3. Gundog Intermediate
  4. Gundog Advanced
  5. The Beating Dog
  6. The Rough Shooters Dog
  7. The Picking up Dog

Please see our events section for details of courses coming up.  If you would like more information, to book on a course or book a direct assessment please email rob@seadogstraining.co.uk

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