“Rob & Julie at Seadogs Training have supported me and my cocker spaniels for the last 4 years with both residential training, group training days and 1:1 training.  Subsequently both the dogs and I have gained in knowledge and confidence and this enables us to Pick Up and Beat on various driven shoots around Suffolk and Norfolk.  Group training has been fun, social and great for building self confidence.  I have made many friends along the way.   Sue Fenton

“After knowing that training couldn’t carry on and worrying about how I was going to keep 3 highly driven dogs active, I decided to sign up to seadogs online training courses. They are fantastic. I have a 1 year old and the basic gundog has suited her perfectly. With any issues I’m facing i can contact Rob and ask for support. As well as the 1 year old we have a 4 and 7 year old. I signed up to all courses due to the fact re-visiting basic work has really helped with the 7 year old. Even though she is an experienced working dog going back to basics with her has helped. Each course flows perfectly and are easy to follow. The fact you can track progress is perfect so you don’t loose where your up to. I have also got the training excersise cards too. These have come in very handy even in the garden on a hot day you can still do some of the slow exercises to keep their minds going. Highly recommend all online courses as well as the book. Heather Bradbury”

As a new dog owner I contacted Rob of Seadog Training and joined the puppy training classes and started 1:1 sessions with my energetic 6 month old GSP.I found the sessions we had before lockdown extremely informative and Rob has built my confidence in correctly handling my puppy together with working through to the Level Two Gundog Beginner.  I was concerned with the thought of not being able to meet with Rob and how I was going to continue the training at home but my concerns were unfounded as we were able to continue our training on Zoom and Rob has given me all the help and support I needed during this time. We have now returned to our 1:1 sessions on the training ground following all of the social distancing guidelines which is fantastic.Thank you Rob for all the help and support you have given me with Tara.Tish Whiting

Having worked alongside Rob and Julie, for a couple of years as a photographer, I attended many of the events they have organised, both at their very well established dedicated training centre, and many other venues, as well as attending several training sessions. I can honestly say that they are indeed a very dedicated team. I have seen a lot of dogs in their early stages of training that were completely out of control, finish up as highly trained obedient working dogs/pets. All of what Rob and Julie do is designed to make training not only educational but a lot of fun as well, not only for the dogs but the owners as also. It’s a great way to socialise for dogs and owners alike. I cant praise them enough. Very highly recommended. Steve Oliver