Another 52 Dog Training Exercises Book


Training book for all dog owners


Another 52 Dog Training Exercises is designed to be a handy and practical resource for dog owners and trainers. The organization of exercises by skill level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and the compact A6 size make it convenient for use during training sessions. The wire o binding and note-taking features add to its user-friendly design.

Here are some potential benefits and features that you might want to highlight in marketing or discussing the book:

  1. Convenient Size: The A6 size makes it easy to carry the book in a training bag, ensuring that dog owners can have it on hand during training sessions.
  2. Wire O Binding: The wire o binding allows users to easily flip through the pages, making it quick to find and reference specific exercises.
  3. Color-Coded Organization: The color-coded categorization of exercises by skill level provides a clear and intuitive way for users to choose exercises based on their dog’s current training level.
  4. Note-Taking Space: The designated space around each exercise page and additional pages at the back for notes allow users to personalize the book with their observations, progress, and insights.
  5. Inspiration and Reminders: As a training aid, the book serves as a source of inspiration and reminders for dog owners, helping them stay focused and motivated during training sessions and out and about on walks.
  6. Companion to “52 Training Exercises”: Another 52 Dog Training Exercises is a follow-up to “52 Training Exercises,” the two books complement each other, offering a comprehensive set of exercises for dog training while walking.
  7. Versatility: The book can be used by a wide range of dog owners, from beginners to those with more advanced training experience suitable for all dog breeds
Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 50 cm
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