Beginner Online Dog Training Course


Beginner Online Training Course

The Beginner course, focus’ on building on the basics learned in the puppy stage.  Here’s a breakdown of the course:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the Level Two curriculum.
  2. The Sit/Stay
    • Training your dog to sit and stay on command.
  3. Focus Work
    • Teaching your dog to maintain focus on a task.
  4. The Down
    • Training your dog to lie down on command.
  5. The Stand
    • Teaching your dog to stand on command.
  6. Beginnings of Heel Work from Puppy
    • Introduction to heel work, starting from the puppy stage.
  7. Heelwork on the Lead
    • Continuing the heel work, now on a lead.
  8. Recall
    • Training your dog to come back to you on command.
  9. Sit/Stay/Recall
    • Combining sit, stay, and recall commands.
  10. Marked Retrieves
    • Teaching your dog to retrieve items that are marked or indicated.
  11. Introduction to Memory Retrieve
    • Introducing the concept of retrieving items from memory.
  12. Directions on Placeboards
    • Training your dog to follow directions based on placeboards.
  13. Polishing up Delivery to Hand
    • Refining the way your dog delivers items to your hand.
  14. Introducing the Stop Whistle
    • Training your dog to respond to a stop whistle command.
  15. Introducing Jumping
    • Teaching your dog to jump on command.

Each of these topics contributes to the overall training of a well behaved dog, helping them develop skills that are valuable for dog walking and general manners.

Course Curriculum

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