Level Three Gundog Intermediate Eight Week Course 11am -1pm 25th August 2024


Overview: Elevate your gundog training experience with our Level Three course, tailored for clients and their dogs aiming to work their gundog or advance the training of a well-balanced, obedient pet. Building on the key elements covered and achievements made in our Level Two courses, this advanced level provides a comprehensive approach to furthering your canine companion’s skills. Throughout this training, you have the option to continue using Clickers & Treats, ensuring a positive and rewarding learning experience.

Course Highlights:

  1. Progression from Level Two:
    • Build on the foundations established in Level Two courses, refining and advancing your dog’s skills for real-world applications.
  2. Work for Gundogs:
    • Tailored for clients with a specific focus on gundog work, emphasising practical training scenarios for working in the field.
  3. Obedience Training:
    • Strengthen the obedience skills of your dog, whether they are destined for fieldwork or simply serving as a well-behaved family pet.
  4. Clickers & Treats Option:
    • The use of Clickers & Treats remains an option throughout this level, allowing for positive reinforcement and continued motivation.

Course Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours
  • Sessions: Weekly eight week course
  • Location: Seadogs Training, Stour Valley Gundog Training Centre
  • Instructor: Rob & Julie Palmer have been training and working dogs for over 35 years as well as experience in teaching people

Topics Covered:

  1. Advanced Commands:
    • Introduce and reinforce advanced commands crucial for gundog work and obedience.
  2. Fieldwork Scenarios:
    • Engage in practical fieldwork exercises to simulate real-world gundog situations.
  3. Off-Lead Control:
    • Develop reliable off-lead control for enhanced freedom and responsiveness.
  4. Problem-Solving:
    • Address specific challenges or behaviours that may arise in the field or during daily life.


  • Dogs should have completed Level Two training or demonstrate proficiency in basic gundog and obedience commands.
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