Gun Dog Training in Sudbury, Suffolk – About me

My wife and I share our lives with 5 English Springer Spaniels.

Along with buying puppies we have rescued and re-homed two of our dogs.  Tigerlily at the age of 6yrs and Conker at the age of 2 1/2yrs.  Tigerlily needed lots of time building up trust and now at the age of 14yrs she is semi-retired but still enjoys picking up.  Conker is looking forward to his second season as a beating dog.

All my dogs work through the shooting season, both on local shoots and on commercial shoots.  They spend the “closed season” with us at the yard with my wife and her horse, training, long country pub walks and snuggling up with us when the day is done. You really can have the best of both worlds – a working pet!

Over the last few years I have been asked more and more to help train people and their dogs without using harsh methods. I have been to several different trainers and seen many different methods used; some of which I do not condone. This has lead to me to train my dogs with a different approach and be mindful of the techniques I use.

I am a Gundog Club Accredited Trainer and run regular courses.

I am always happy to demonstrate myself working my dogs.  Please just ask at the time of booking.

Rob Palmer