We Offer 1:1 Sessions For Those Owners Who Cannot Commit To A Set Time Each Week Or Whose Dog Needs Some More Work Before Going Into A Group Class.  The Initial Assessment Is 1 Hour And £55.  Follow Up Sessions Are £45 For A 45 Minute Gundog Session or £30 for a 30 minute Pet Dog Training Session.  We Do Offer A 10% Discount On A Block Booking Of 10 Sessions.

If You Wish, We Can Move Onto More Advanced Training Including Water Retrieving, Dropping To Flush, Shot And Directional Work.

You Do Not Have To Commit To Weekly Sessions, Depending On Yours, And Your Dogs, Needs You May Only Need One Session To Master An Area You Are Struggling With. Then You Can Return If You Wish At A Later Date To Take Another Step In Your Partnership Together.  Training Takes Hours Of Time And Patience, But It Is Worth Remembering You Get Out What You Put In!

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