Seadogs Training offers comprehensive field Group courses for dogs and owners, catering to all stages of training. The emphasis is on providing real outdoor experiences that expose dogs and their owners to various distractions commonly encountered in day-to-day activities. The commitment is to deliver professional training sessions to both handlers and dogs, starting from the time a new puppy is brought home through advanced training for activities like a shoot day.

The training provided by Seadogs aims to create a strong partnership between owners and their dogs, whether or not the intention is to work the dog in the shooting field. We cater for pet dogs as well as working gundogs.  The focus is on imparting the basics that contribute to the happiness of both owner and dog and help build a lasting bond. Seadogs is dedicated to "Training You And Your Dog."

The training packages offered by Seadogs both build confidence in working dogs in shooting fields while ensuring they remain obedient pets at home, as well as ensuring any dog has general obedience.

The goal is to provide a well-rounded training experience that benefits both the owner and their canine companion in various situations.

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