Gundog Beginner Online Dog Training Course

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Gundog Beginner Online Training Course

Gundog Beginner course, specifically Level Two of the curriculum. This course focus on building on the basics learned in the puppy stage, with the goal of training gundog breeds for various purposes, including being well-behaved family pets or working dogs in the field. Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered in Level Two:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the Level Two curriculum.
  2. The Sit/Stay
    • Training your dog to sit and stay on command.
  3. Focus Work
    • Teaching your dog to maintain focus on a task.
  4. The Down
    • Training your dog to lie down on command.
  5. The Stand
    • Teaching your dog to stand on command.
  6. Beginnings of Heel Work from Puppy
    • Introduction to heel work, starting from the puppy stage.
  7. Heelwork on the Lead
    • Continuing the heel work, now on a lead.
  8. Recall
    • Training your dog to come back to you on command.
  9. Sit/Stay/Recall
    • Combining sit, stay, and recall commands.
  10. Marked Retrieves
    • Teaching your dog to retrieve items that are marked or indicated.
  11. Introduction to Memory Retrieve
    • Introducing the concept of retrieving items from memory.
  12. Directions on Placeboards
    • Training your dog to follow directions based on placeboards.
  13. Polishing up Delivery to Hand
    • Refining the way your dog delivers items to your hand.
  14. Introducing the Stop Whistle
    • Training your dog to respond to a stop whistle command.
  15. Introducing Jumping
    • Teaching your dog to jump on command.

Each of these topics contributes to the overall training of a gundog, helping them develop skills that are valuable for both family life and potential work in the field. The course will teach you to progress from basic commands to more advanced tasks, providing a comprehensive training program for gundog owners.

Course Curriculum

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