Gundog Training 3 day Camp 20th-22nd August 2024


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This is a comprehensive and engaging three-day training event for dogs and their handlers. Here are some key points and recommendations for potential participants:

Event Overview:

  1. Target Audience: The event is suitable for dogs that are safe off lead and have basic whistle commands. This suggests that participants should have some prior training experience with their dogs.
  2. Content Covered:
    • Theory Work: Covers important aspects such as first aid, general maintenance of a working dog, and understanding wind conditions.
    • Practical Work: Includes hands-on activities with your dog, covering launchers, water work, and navigating obstacles (providing dogs are at required standard)
  3. Logistics:
    • Venue: The practical work will be conducted near vehicles, allowing for easy access and ensuring windows can be left open.
    • Meals: A packed lunch will be provided each day, streamlining the experience for participants.
  4. Cost and Accommodation:
    • Cost: The cost per handler and one dog is £270, inclusive of the training and provided meals.
    • Camping: Participants have the option to camp on site for an additional £17 per night. Facilities include a toilet and water, but there is no power.
  5. Accommodation:
    • Local Options: Handlers are responsible for booking dog-friendly accommodation nearby. This encourages participants to explore the local area and ensures they have comfortable lodging for the duration of the event.

Recommendations for Participants:

  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure your dog is comfortable off lead and responsive to basic whistle commands before attending.
    • Familiarise yourself with the theory topics to make the most of the educational aspects of the event.
  2. Equipment:
    • Bring necessary equipment for your dog’s comfort and safety during practical exercises, such as a lead, water bowl, and any specialised gear.
  3. Camping Considerations:
    • If opting to camp, come prepared with camping essentials. Given the absence of power, participants may need to plan for alternative charging solutions.
  4. Local Accommodation Booking:
    • Research and book dog-friendly accommodation well in advance to ensure a comfortable stay during the event.
  5. Networking:
    • Take advantage of the training event to network with other dog handlers. Share experiences, tips, and insights.

Overall, the event offers a well-rounded mix of theory and practical training, providing handlers with valuable skills and knowledge to enhance their relationship with their working dogs.

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