Online Reliable Recall Training Course

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Train your dog to come back to you when called.  Online recall dog training

🐾 Unleash Freedom: Mastering Recall in Real Outdoor Adventures! 🌳

Are you tired of worrying every time you let your dog off the lead in the great outdoors? Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to a Reliable Recall! 🐕✨

Course Overview: Our online course is tailor-made for dog enthusiasts who dream of a carefree off-leash experience with their four-legged companions. Dive into the world of recall mastery and gain the confidence to let your pup roam while staying firmly under your command.

What You’ll Learn:

🔍 Module 1: Introduction Get acquainted with the course structure and the exciting journey that awaits you and your dog. Discover the power of a Reliable Recall and how it can transform your outdoor adventures.

🎓 Module 2: Rewards Explore the intricacies of rewards and understand their value in shaping your dog’s behaviour. Learn how to use positive reinforcement effectively to strengthen your bond and make every recall a joyous moment.

🎥 Module 3: Course Preview

  • Exercise 1: On The Whistle 🚀
    • Master the art of recall using a whistle, a powerful tool that can cut through outdoor distractions.
  • Exercise 2: Be The Leader 🐾
    • Learn to establish yourself as the leader, earning your dog’s trust and obedience in any environment.
  • Exercise 3: Practice Makes Perfect 🏞️
    • Understand the importance of consistent practice and hone your recall skills to perfection.
  • Exercise 4: They Love the Water 💦
    • Navigate the unique challenges of recalling your water-loving pup with confidence.

🔒 Module 4: Proofing

    • Discover how to proof your recall in various real-world scenarios, ensuring reliability in any outdoor setting.

Why Choose Our Course:

  • 🌍 Convenient online access from anywhere in the world.
  • 🏆 Expert guidance from experienced trainers.
  • 📚 Comprehensive curriculum covering every aspect of recall training.
  • 🎥 Engaging video exercises for practical learning.
  • 💻 Lifetime access to course materials for continuous improvement.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create a lifelong bond with your dog and experience the freedom of a Reliable Recall! Enroll now

Course Curriculum

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