end of shoot day

Our dogs work hard for us on a shoot day, so we feel it is so important to look after them.  During the day we do tail gate checks at the end of every drive, and deal with any injuries as needed then.

During the day we coat them up in between drives if there is a long wait, we may be resting one for example.  Also all dogs coated at lunchtime.  Then at the end of the day, after a final check and maybe rinsed down with the pressure washer, we coat them up in another dry coat.

Once home they come into the Seadogs Team Treatment room to be checked over again, brushed out, bathed, dried, massaged, LED light therapy, coated again in cold before tea and settling down in bed.  Once settled Julie will send them Reiki Healing in their kennels, and we have cameras to check on them throughout the evening without having to disturb them.

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