Sorrel’s Second Week: Navigating Training Milestones with Seadogs

Welcome back to Sorrel’s training journey with the Seadogs! As we delve into the second week of Sorrel’s life with us, it’s evident that she’s making remarkable progress. From mastering the art of sleeping through the night to diligently following her indoor and outdoor routines, Sorrel is proving to be a quick learner.

One of the highlights of this week was Sorrel’s introduction to the great outdoors – well, the garden, to be precise. With cautious steps, Sorrel explored her new environment. While she enjoyed the sights and smells of the garden, we remained vigilant, ensuring she steered clear of any potential hazards like walls or forbidden snacks so was only going to and from her Pen.

Our training regimen continued to evolve as we focused on reinforcing essential manners at every entry point – be it her crate, pen, or the house itself. Additionally, we embarked on the journey of settle training outside of her crate, a crucial step in teaching Sorrel to remain calm and composed in various settings.

Utilising a clicker as a valuable tool, Sorrel embraced each training session with enthusiasm. Whether it was mastering the art of holding objects like a paint roller or a Kong Air Fetch toy, Sorrel approached each task with determination and a wagging tail. However, we made sure not to overwhelm her, keeping each session short and sweet, typically lasting between 3 to 5 minutes before allowing her ample time to rest and process her newfound knowledge in the comfort of her crate.

Socialisation remained a key aspect of Sorrel’s development, and this week, she had the opportunity to visit Breakout Long Melford. It was a chance for Sorrel to acquaint herself with different stimuli – from unfamiliar scents to the hustle and bustle of new surroundings. While interactions with people were limited due to her vaccination status, Sorrel relished the attention and cuddles she received, all while staying safely off the ground.

Speaking of vaccinations, Sorrel is due for her second round next week, marking another milestone in her journey towards optimal health and well-being. With her current weight clocking in at a healthy 5.5kg, Sorrel’s growth and progress are evident indicators of her thriving nature.

As we navigate Sorrel’s formative weeks, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing her with a nurturing and enriching environment. By exposing her to diverse experiences and laying the groundwork for essential skills, we aim to equip Sorrel with the tools she needs to thrive in the world around her.

Join us next time as we delve further into Sorrel’s adventures and milestones with the Seadogs. Until then, keep wagging those tails and embracing every moment of the journey!

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