A Journey of Dedication: Sam and Rupert’s Training Adventure


In the picturesque town of Long Melford, Suffolk, a heartwarming tale unfolds as Sam and his loyal companion, Rupert, embark on a remarkable journey of training and companionship. Sam, a dedicated dog owner and enthusiast, has been a part of our training programs since Rupert was a playful puppy 2.5 years ago. Today, we celebrate their achievements, showcasing the essence of canine training and the beautiful bond that has blossomed between Sam and Rupert.

The Early Years:

Rupert’s journey began with our puppy training sessions, where Sam laid the foundation for a strong and trusting relationship with his companion. Through commitment and perseverance, Sam and Rupert progressed through the stages of beginner and intermediate training, building essential skills and strengthening their communication.

A Season of Firsts:

This season marked a significant milestone in Sam and Rupert’s training journey. They took to the field, experiencing the thrill of gundog training together. Sam’s dedication to the process became evident as they joined us on the peg, demonstrating the harmonious partnership that had developed through their training sessions. The bond forged in the training arena translated seamlessly to the outdoors.

Walking the Path Together:

The culmination of their journey occurred recently when Sam and Rupert participated in one of our walked-up days. This event epitomised the ultimate goal of our training programs – to see dogs and handlers united in their love for shared activities. It was a testament to Sam’s commitment, showcasing the fruits of his labour as they navigated the challenges of a real-world scenario with grace and skill.

The Essence of Training:

Sam’s story exemplifies the core philosophy of our training approach – “You get out what you put in.” While we provide guidance and expertise during the training sessions, the true success lies in the dedication and effort invested by the handler. Sam’s commitment to Rupert’s training journey speaks volumes about the positive outcomes that can be achieved when passion and hard work are combined.


In the charming backdrop of Long Melford, Suffolk, Sam and Rupert’s training adventure is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and teamwork. Their story resonates with the joy that comes from seeing a dog and handler evolve into a cohesive unit, ready to take on new challenges. As we celebrate Sam’s achievements, we look forward to witnessing more tales of success, where the bond between dogs and their owners flourishes through the art of training.

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