Unveiling the Journey of Fern: A 2.5-Year-Old Working Cocker Spaniel’s Quest for the Perfect Sit

Introduction: Meet Fern, a vibrant 2.5-year-old working cocker spaniel, who recently embarked on a transformative journey to master the art of sitting. Fern’s owner expressed concerns about her reluctance to sit and her tendency to spin excessively. In this blog post, we’ll explore Fern’s unique challenges and the training methods employed to enhance her sitting skills.

Assessment: Fern’s initial assessment revealed a noticeable reluctance to sit, prompting the consideration of potential physical issues. To address this, a comprehensive training plan was devised, encompassing fundamental commands such as heel work, recall, stop, and focus work.

The Sit Dilemma: One of Fern’s primary challenges was her hesitancy to sit, which could be attributed to underlying physical concerns. The training team is diligently investigating this aspect while simultaneously implementing behavioral training techniques.

Using Feed Times as Reinforcement: Understanding Fern’s enthusiasm for mealtime, the training regimen cleverly incorporates her daily feedings as opportunities for reinforcing the sit command. By associating the act of sitting with the reward of a meal, Fern is gradually learning to appreciate the value of this fundamental command.

Incorporating Placeboards: To further encourage Fern’s sitting behavior, the training involves the use of placeboards. These specialized training tools provide a designated area for Fern to sit, offering a structured environment that aids in reinforcing the desired behavior.

Building Duration: The training approach involves a gradual progression towards building the duration of Fern’s sits. Starting with short intervals, the goal is to incrementally increase the time Fern remains seated, reinforcing the behavior and instilling a sense of discipline.

Tailoring the Approach: Recognizing that each dog is unique, the training program for Fern is adaptable to her individual needs. The team remains attuned to her responses and adjusts the methods accordingly, ensuring a tailored approach that maximizes effectiveness.

Conclusion: Fern’s journey to master the art of sitting is a testament to the dedication and expertise of her training team. By addressing potential physical concerns, incorporating mealtime reinforcement, utilising placeboards, and gradually building duration, Fern is on the path to becoming a well-disciplined and obedient working cocker spaniel. Stay tuned for updates on Fern’s progress as she continues to flourish in her training journey.

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