gun dog training online

Can you learn online to train a gun dog? The simple answer is yes. Many people love online learning as it gives them the flexibility to learn when it is convenient to them. Online courses are also available to refer to any time so you don’t have to remember everything your trainer tells you, you can go back in and check exercises again to make sure you doing them correctly.

Our online gundog training school is an excellent resource designed to navigate you through your gundog training journey. We look at everything from starting the right way with your puppy to more advanced gundog work. Our online resources are perfect for the family pet or working gundog.

You will learn through text and video tutorials and can comment on any lesson for our feedback if you need help.

Learning Online Has Many Advantages:

Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn In Your Own Environment.

Learn Where You Have All Your Equipment

Access The Courses As Often As You Like, Where Ever You Like

No Travel Restrictions

Ideal For Dogs Not Comfortable Around Other People Or Dogs

There Is No Ongoing Subscription Fees Or Expiry Dates To The Courses.

We Can Help You Along The Way With Training By Our Remote Training Service If Needed Too.

You will receive a certificate of completion for each course you complete.

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